Ellen Prizeman

Nude Revolution

Organic Basics and Nude Revolution is a capsule collection in which sustainablity and fun collide. Organic Basics started life in 2015 in Copenhagen. It is a clothing company which creates sustainable and better made basics. Organic Basics only use Class A and B fibers while also constantly pushing forward to find and use even more sustainable options. The Nude Revolution capsule collection furthers Organic Basics orignal mission of bringing sustainability to the forefront of their design process, by introducing new and exciting fibre options such as Kapok and ground coffee. To push the ‘revolution’ even more with new natural colours, styles and patters will be introduced.

It has been found that 44% of 17 to 26 year olds want to see more eco-friendly fabrics used in apparel. Consumer research has highlighted that this compares to “34% of Generation X and only 30% of Baby Boomers.” 58% of all consumers have agreed that the fashion industry needs to be more environmentally friendly. Thus demonstrating that there is a gap in the market for brands like us to benefit from our ethical agenda.

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