Lydia Redhead


Memory is defined as ‘the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information’; a personal and intangible experience. This work introduces a novel, physical manifestation of such memories (and their narratives) within a shared environment by creating tactile structures from memorable photographs.
Employing origami as a sculptural process means that the folding of media shows that memories can be both constructed and categorised, but also unfolded and elaborated.
By considering the stories of my own mother, my practice looks further than the classic recognition and obscurities of photos by looking closely at her relationships, presence and family environments.
The linear and thematic display invites you through a journey of movement, memory and nostalgia within a liminal space of transition from what has been, to what will be.
Mirrors and photographs line the walls of the space amplifying and fragmenting the hanging origami. Whilst the photographs represent various phases of my mother’s life, the mirrors enhance the idea of reflection and perception. As the viewer’s position alters, the photos and origami appear and disappear from the view in the mirrors.