Lauren Brough


For my project I wanted to focus on the experience of struggling with mental illness, and recreating the feelings of confusion in relation to self-identity that are commonly induced by mental health issues.
The lack of self-identity is something that is common amongst sufferers of many mental illnesses (e.g. Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, etc.) but isn’t something that gets brought to people’s attention very often, and therefore isn’t an issue many people are aware of.
Being unsure of who you are can be an unsettling and confusing experience, and it was this feeling of confusion that inspired my work. I wanted to recreate the confused mental state induced by a lack of self-identity in a visual way that show non-sufferers how confusing it can be to not be exactly sure who you are or where your place is in the world.