Kate Shires

Small yet significant

The ability to appreciate small, yet significant, moments holds great value. Whether during a daily commute, or experiencing a new environment, it is admirable practice to be mindful of your presence.
This is especially true when observing nature, for each and every form is unique. The variety of natural landscapes are celebrated through my artwork, working on location allows me to present the feeling of a place.
The use of Chinese brushes and black ink means the variation in pressure, speed and movement is clear, further embodying the sense of presence at the time of painting. This points to the traditional art of calligraphy, where the energy and expression of the artist is shown through their movement.
Use of layers of monochrome allows a focus on luminosity as well as the diverse forms and architectures found within nature, which are different in every location. I aim to portray the transiency of a small but significant moment, and inspire the viewer to enjoy everyday experiences; make presentness your priority.

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