Wen-Hsin Feng

Major Project Realisation Portfolio: conscious curations

This submission is a fashion marketing portfolio showcasing the final brand and marketing communication for the major project: conscious curations. Based off of the Major Project Research Portfolio, this work offers a creatively, and commercially viable visualisation of the product, service, branding elements, promotional strategy, 18-month timeline, financial considerations, and KPI measurements for ‘conscious curations’. The major project: ‘conscious curations’, is a brand which creates and provides conscious consumers with products that assists them in navigating the complex field of sustainable fashion. It does so primarily through an individually-tailored sustainable fashion buying app.

The author, Wen-Hsin Feng, is a soon-to-be University of Leeds Fashion Marketing graduate with over a year of work experience in varying areas such as PR & communications, buying, studio and design. She is particularly interested in sustainability issues in the fashion industry, trend forecasting, marketing and communications.

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