Lorna Inman

Fabricated Nature

My practice explores the paradigm of the urban park, using virtual reality, oil paint and Tilt Brush. My 360-degree oil paintings and virtual world explore the concept of park design, derived from a curiosity into the contradictory idea of a fabricated nature. They do not refer to any specific real site, rather they are idealised blueprints of ‘park’, inspired by real places, imagination, memory and models. My paintings elucidate this curiosity through portraying aspects of parks and nature in a way that describes a reality even more disconnected from the authentic world; querying the apparent human instinct and desire to design, create and organise nature. Interested in the entire illusion of space that virtual reality brings, my work disconnects the viewer even further away from the idea of natural space, whilst it simultaneously closes the gap of disbelief between being ‘real’ or ‘not real’. Continuing to develop work using Tilt Brush and the combination of traditional and new media, my practice explores the possibilities of virtual space in the context of art.

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