Kate Armes

‘Conquering Your Daemons’

My independent project looked into creativity and the creative process. The tormented artist is a common and widely accepted idea when concerning creatives and their mental-wellbeing. I wanted to explore this theme with the aim to produce a handy resource for creatives that could be turned to during the more troubling times within the creative process.

‘Conquering your Daemons’ is a book I produced as a part of this project. Titled after the Ancient Greek belief that our creative ideas, did not come from ourselves, but rather a “Daemon”. They believed these Daemons to be a divine attendant spirit that came to human beings, living in the walls of their home, granting them the elusive gift of creative genius.

This belief granted the artists of Ancient Greece a psychological construct, that separated themselves and their delicate ego from the work they produced. This book explores this topic, amongst other ideas, in an attempt to aid the modern creative person.

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