Lauren Firth

‘Change your future with styles of the past’

This project aims to increase the interest in vintage as a reputable, exciting and high-quality alternative to purchasing cheaply made clothes from popular retailers, rather than being perceived as cheap, dirty and out of style clothing.

To do this, my personal vision was to have vintage fashion and styles be associated with four popular music artists of the past, who are all connected with a particular decade and the essence of ‘coolness’ in their own right: David Bowie, Madonna, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain. Through personally recreating the style, hair and makeup of icons who are held in high rigor among both music and fashion enthusiasts, the collection of photos intends to link the ideology of being effortless and stylish with vintage clothing and therefore, a more eco-conscious and considerate way of dressing. Similarly, with a resurgence of interest in styles of the past being recently reworked by industries including film and fashion, a deeper interest in ‘what was’ has become more apparent among varying types of audiences.

If ‘old school’ cinema and music can be popular in a modern society, why can’t vintage clothing be cool too?

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