Gaby Gohlar

Egyptology x Balmain

The afterlife is a prominent aspect of ancient Egyptian history. The Egyptians would create canopic jars and valuables such as amulets to protect the deceased in the afterlife. Ani, an Egyptian God, held ‘The book of death,’ filled with spells and charms to protect him in the afterlife so he could reach a state of immortality. It features memorable symbols, texture and references to animalistic features. These are reimagined through reptilian scales, prints and fur. Additionally, the meshing of sheer with luxury fabrics retain the heritage of Egypt whilst channelling Balmain’s signature decadence. The prevalence of the Egyptian Gods and archaeologists provided the mesh for utilitarian and luxury. Deep tones, earthy reds, vivid blues and metallic accents are integrated in the embroidery and egyptologist buckle detailing.

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