Isabel Tuggey

Thought Provoking Interiors

Environmental damage as a result of unsustainable behaviour is a universal issue that all disciplines are attempting to tackle. This common goal has resulted in the convergence of minds from different disciples to collaborate to seek innovative solutions to the challenges surrounding sustainability. The convergence of science and design in particular have been investigating innovative sustainable solutions with the emergence of a new field of practice, Biodesign. The emerging field has seen designers, architect, scientists, technologists and other members from various disciplines collaborate with living organisms in the attempt to achieve better ecological performance (Myers, 2012). Not only is Biodesign exploring sustainable solutions, it is also a means of communication to provoke new ways of thinking and speculative opportunities that can arise through interdisciplinary collaboration. This has resulted in the concept of this collection to explore how new technologies, advances in science and innovative materials can be explored to create a collection that challenges the existing boundaries of traditional textile design and provokes a discussion around the speculate future of con

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