V Southern

The Human Form and the Human Norm

My work considers the disembodied head as a way of providing a surface on which to explore bodily ideals.
I use my fascination with the constraints of the body to fuel an investigation into manipulating surrounding imagery. In this way I have been produce results that are removed from the human form and the human norm, and have shown the head without manifestations of gender. The heads in my work are without their bodies as a way of creating abstraction within reality.
I am interested in texture and have used large scale pencil drawing to indulge in the textures that the latex (as skin) provides. I have used a “free-form” approach to repeatedly cast my sculpted work, which produces unusual and unpredictable copies from a single clay head.
My work in latex mimics the skins, but should not be considered its replacement. Instead the latex creates a textile that is not permanent and can be modified at will. I consider the skin and the body as a means of mapping our interactions with the world, and have presented it in a way to configure this.
Visitors are invited to think about the materiality of their own bodies when viewing my work.