Alia Ouidir

Stitch Free Couture

The Stitch Free Collection was designed and produced using only Illustrator, Aps-ethos and a laser printer. The material used was up-cycled roof lining.
The starting point was an alternative to today’s fashion system of overproduced stock and unwanted clothing to be discarded at landfill. The innovative way of producing means garments only need to be made when they are sold, so unwanted stock is a thing of the past. The customers can be involved in the production process, which could help to extend the garments lifetime. They could customise the garment’s design and pick the fabric and then the garment is ready to be produced. The production can be done locally with the customised digital file. After the laser printer cuts the pieces the customer, without the need of any sewing or machinery, assembles them. This modular design offers the opportunity to reconfigure and assemble the pieces again and again using new fabrics or colours creating a different garment each time.

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