Holly Nuttall

Rise~ Social Media Application

Rise is a social media platform for the rebellious youth of today. Rise was created in response to the growing movement of ‘activist’ youths, who are standing up for what they believe in. This ranges from protesting in front of parliament about climate change, to boycotting the brands that they no longer agree with the practices of, or feel comfortable using. These youths are from the Generation Z cohort, a loud, proud and progressive group, who are digital natives and grew up in uncertain times. This makes these consumers bold, advocates for change, who are hyper-aware and globally connected. Rise found a gap in the social media market for these specific individuals. They are vocal, and therefore, many social media platforms are not accepting of them, yet they still want to connect with like-minded others, and discuss the topics they feel strongly about. Rise fills this gap.
Rise connects like-minded people together, over their want of bettering the world around them and standing up for important causes. Rise encourages a community of bold, activist individuals, who share their values, plans and efforts to encourage others to do the same.

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