Alice Dodds

Mindful Sleep Print Collection

The theory of Mindful Sleep was inspired by the ongoing macro trend of wellbeing and mindfulness in the past few years. As we move continuously into a digital world, small pleasures of alone time become increasingly less frequent. To make the most of this we seek quiet and comfort, looking to fuel our bodies with nourishment and positivity. The trend of wellbeing has a strong focus on the mental health and making sure we are taking time to look after ourselves.
There is a positive connection between the clothes we wear and the way it makes us feel. This is called “enclothed cognition” (Whyte, 2016). Wearing something that makes us feel good creates positivity and confidence. These feelings encourage us to think more optimistically and live life positively.
Mindful Sleep collection uses the theory of enclothed cognition to optimise the time we spend at home relaxing to boost our wellbeing. This is shown to have a positive effect on our sleeping cycle, creating a better rhythm that can further increase of mental state. The mindfulness benefits of Mindful Sleep collection are delivered through the luxury feel and stunning colours and print designs; making you feel truly special.