Natasha Mountain

Inc Cosmetics – Final Major Project

Inc Cosmetics is a new brand that has developed in response to changing consumer needs which have identified that demographical segmentation is no longer required within the cosmetics industry. Inc Cosmetics offer a diverse selection of cosmetics and a monthly subscription service, providing a highly personal and customisable service. The service targets an array of consumers, aiming to help everyone and anyone who wants to experiment with beauty and cosmetic products, to do so without embarrassment, by reducing stereotypes and discrimination, and increasing options and availability. The brand celebrates self-expression and encourages the non-conforming to be exactly who they want to be.

An innovative product selection and distribution plan has been developed with personalisation at the heart, giving consumers control over what products they receive. Getting to know the consumers, ensures that everything is tailored to their unique needs and that they are receiving the best available products. Additionally, by rejecting unnecessary stereotypes and selecting products based on consumers’ personal needs instead of their perceived needs, consumers can try and consider new products.

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