Kirsten Williams-Lee

Fashion Marketing FMP

G.N.A Definition: a female characteristic containing the organic quality of self love and worth | intrinsic installation of empowerment.

G.N.A is a mid-market skincare brand that provides powerful female millennials with skincare products that challenge the dynamic of standard self-care. Our ethos exudes the powerful message that females are naturally equipted with strength and resilience that ultimatley feeds the soul of society. We exist to engage and enhance women’s organic aesthetic beauty whilst simultaneously stimulating their voices and mindset. Our products cover every aspect of skincare, from daily essentials to pamper must-haves, providing for and complimenting all skin types. G.N.A stands above faceless brands as a resonate proclaimer for consumers truths and an advocate for their beliefs. We passionately believe in the vitality of our sisters and aspire to act as a linkage, helping them translate their beauty from the inside out. We believe that nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is unapologetically herself; which is why we have created products that do not alter appearances but simply allows women to conserve their inner and outer beauty through self-care.

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