Emily Johnson


ACT!VE uses knitted spacer fabrics to formulate a series of performance driven designs for the luxury activewear market. As three-dimensional structures with built in pockets of air, spacer fabrics offer unique transmission qualities. My collection exploits this technology by altering proportion, scale and materials to provide moisture management, breathability and insulation. Each design offers something specific, yet unique, in order to adapt to the functional needs of different sports and movements, at all fitness levels.

ACT!VE uses a strong colour palette which works alongside the functional features of each design. The inspiration behind each colour draws on both contemporary and traditional underpinnings of colour theory to depict their psychological effect. The wearer is invited to choose their garment not only according to their colour preference, but through its psychological impact.

ACT!VE takes performance driven design to a new dimension, enhancing performance both physically and psychologically. Activewear garments can now allow wearers to unlock their fitness potential not only through pushing technical boundaries, but through influencing state of mind.

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