Becky Franklin

A Collection of Interactive Furniture

My practice is designed to engage the viewer through the creation of surrealist experiences with which to interact with and to stimulate senses and feelings. This has been achieved through the use of touch and sound; such as a soft and malleable table top and a chair that squeaks which creates an audible surprise.
The environment invokes a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, through the use of salvaged household items, whilst also generating an uncanny experience through the use of vivid colours and transformed elements to drag the viewer away from the normal expectations of household items.
The purpose of my practice is to enable the audience to interact with the pieces and to be fully immersed in the experience I have created. The scene refers to an everyday domestic layout but challenges the traditional and somewhat formal design of household furniture. I have been heavily influenced by postmodernism, particularly through the use of shape and colour. The vibrant colours and block shapes are heavily influenced through the simplicity, creativity and boundless imagination from childhood. These designs are used in a plethora of ways in children’s toys but rarely seen beyond this.

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