Arthur McDonald

Video Game Community Typography Posters

A pair of posters created under the D&AD 2019 New Blood Monotype Brief. Requiring to represent a community through use of typography, these set out to celebrate the online community surrounding the video game ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’. The project utilised sources such as the website Reddit and the VoiP software Discord to discover individual insights into the game and the people surrounding it, in a contemporary manner. Not only was there input from players, but also creatives such as artists and cos-players, who all valued the depth and understanding inside the community. The game is a first-person shooter that rewards tactical planning and constant communication; this idea of communication had further penetrated the community and it could be seen that people were willing to talk about much more than the game, and lasting friendships were shown to have developed around it. As a result, the design outcomes were based around online posts of particular prominence, often detailing lost loves ones who treasured the willingness of the community to communicate.

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