Grace Herbert

Vertical Garden

Merging natural and man-made environments together, my installations aim to bring the outdoors indoors. The use of live matter for the creation of my piece was influenced by the Arte Povera and Environmental Art movement. Both movements focus on using natural materials and are concerned with the transference of energy. Moss walls have become a modern way of decorating walls. An alternative to wallpaper or paint, moss walls bring energy and freshness into a space. My installation is made from wooden panels covered in moss and different plants. Due to the plants being on wood and not soil, I had to consider the shorter lifespan they would have, and had to choose ones that could survive in completely different conditions to what they are used to.This wall exhibits different textures and colour vibrancies with a mixture of flat moss and plants emerging from the boards. The aim of this installation is to make it appear as if nature is invading and taking over the area by bringing in a sense of serenity and freshness indoors. The green colours of moss symbolise growth, freshness, and unity. There should also be a contrast between the man-made white wall, the natural moss and the photos.