Zoe Thompson

Independent Project – Copmanthorpe

BHPS – British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Re-brand and campaign raise awareness and persuade people to act against the 97% decline in the hedgehog population. Showing familiar, seemingly harmless objects in a scary, unfamiliar light to communicate how the audience’s actions, even though they may seem innocent, are having a negative impact on the hedgehog population. Campaign leads the audience to a new app where users can track their actions in helping hedgehogs and gain rewards.

“The Disturbance”
Campaign which challenges the insider-outsider nature created in the village of Copmanthorpe and the villager’s need to blame the outside world for their problems with crime. It holds a mirror up to show the villagers the distrusting and suspicious attitude they have towards ‘outsiders’. Delivered in two phases; phase one has the ‘outsiders’ breaking through to deliver threatening messages that play into the villager’s suspicions. Phase two delivers the aftermath of these messages, showing the innocent intentions the ‘outsiders’ have for being in the village and highlights how the villager’s negative attitude towards them is misplaced.

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