Lucy Moss

Inclusive Design

Empower Up! is an inclusive knitwear collection that seeks to innovate contemporary garments that are fashionable, comfortable and sustainable. Although not a specialist brand, the collection is designed for disability first – consequently solving clothing issues that are relevant for all but may significantly disadvantage those with a disability. Empower Up! embraces a new way of dressing; where garments are designed for the human body in all its forms. Unlike traditional fashion, the seated figure is considered as well as the standing figure. This ensures the garments are comfortable and fit accurately both seated and standing – a prominent issue for wheelchair users/ those who spend a long time seated such as office workers. The collection exploits the inherent stretch and recovery properties of a knitted fabric to entirely remove the need for fastenings, improving accessibility whilst also reducing cost and environmental impacts. With excellent extensibility, the knitted garments ensure absolute comfort in all positions. In addition, the knitted fabrics are carefully engineered to suit the consumer’s needs. The softest merino wools are used to prevent tactile discomfort.

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