HeeSu Lee

Identity and Language

Notions of Language and Identity influence each other and are connected deeply to each other. Language is of course essential element of the expression of cultural diversity and identity of individual or society. My practice explores these ideas through calligraphy, mark making and stencil techniques with limited colours on reflective films. All the works are composed of three different languages (English, Korean and Japanese). These languages are represent aspects of my hybrid own – as an International student in England, as a citizen with South Korean nationality and as a person with South Korean and Japanese family members .The fragmented and disjointed narratives draw on autobiographical experiences, such as dissatisfaction of ordinary life during puberty, an unfamiliar experience in a foreign country, the thought of finishing undergraduate life. Another key source is the speech delivered from BTS at United Nations in 2018. This inspirational speech which is related to the campaign of UNICEF ‘Love Myself’ addresses true passions, struggles with self-esteem, dreams and identities. Its meaningful narration gives me and many young people courage and hope.