Matthew Wheeler

Creative Codespace

Creative Codespace is an overarching brand designed to represent the brand proposition of bridging the gap between creativity and code. The logo is custom coded with over 17million different possibilities with the pattern created using the conversion between hexadecimal and binary units.

Three core deliverables were created during this brief; branding, exhibition and educational aspect. The exhibition showcases work which was created using coded algorithms in p5.js. Each algorithm was based on a previous art movement generating thousands of potential designs.

Creative Codespace workshops are designed to educate creatives different methods of generative design and how it can be applied in their workflow. Within this deliverable, a marketing strategy was developed which was inclusive of the workshop workbooks, marketing campaign and a series of promotional merchandise.

On completion of University, Matthew Wheeler has partnered up with fellow coursemate Sam Taylor to work on their Leeds based design studio.

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