Natalie Jane Dearden

Up My Street

‘Up My Street’ is a campaign to raise awareness of and celebrate independent businesses, shout about the benefits of shopping local, and get people talking about what’s up their street. The campaign features: advertising posters; street banners; local map and app.

Alongside the campaign are rebrands of two local shops in Headingley, Leeds. Firstly, a rebrand of an independent laundrette, modified to a laundrette/café hybrid to promote community and conversation; a place where people meet to do laundry and interact. ‘Dirty Laundry’ is a monthly zine publication to celebrate laundrettes and the ‘dirty laundry’ overheard in them. Secondly is a rebrand of a local butchers. A friendly business providing quality local produce and supporting Yorkshire farmers. The brand identity, branded items and advertising campaign aim to promote the benefits of shopping local for meat produce as opposed to from supermarkets, through the use of witty puns and bold imagery.

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