Amelia Bethany

Transience of the Mundane

The Swedish word hemmablind expresses the blindness human beings experience to the surroundings encountered most routinely. This sensation is a common phenomenon that causes one to lack appreciation for the beauty in their everyday life, from the home environment to local area, simply taking what we have and what we experience for granted. Hemmablind drives us to consumerism to add new elements of appreciation to our surroundings, until those too become mundane.
Transience of the Mundane seeks to emphasise the beauty in the everyday environment through applying the concept of the uncanny to mundane, domestic artefacts, causing them to take on a surreal aesthetic of something familiar and alien simultaneously. This work reproduces familiar household objects using a perspective based illusionary technique, displayed on rotating stands that cause the objects to morph in and out of opacity as they revolve, appearing to dissolve before your eyes. This technique creates a spectacle from every day, domestic objects that would otherwise be ignored, applying hemmablind literally to the object by rendering it close to invisible.

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