Heidi Roberts

Collection of Designs

My Independent Project aimed to develop a mental wellbeing network fuelled by the power of creativity in the form of workshops. The brand, Sponge, would offer an alternative community as a creative outlet for students striving towards improved mental wellbeing. The posters shown were part of the promotional work for the project.

My main passions lie in illustration, therefore I have chosen to include a snippet of my personal work. Documenting my life in a sketchbook, I aim to draw in an honest and reflective way, whilst also injecting humour into each illustration.

The animation shown was part of my submission for the Durex brief from this years D&AD New Blood competition. The campaign, titled Stop the Spread, aimed to stop the stigma and misinformed rumours surrounding STIs, as well as aiming to stop the spread of the infection. By using the interviewees voices alongside a playful visual language, we are able to promote the STI discussion in a more light-hearted and accessible manner.

Supporting video

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