Rhiannon Brace

Anthropocene Forest

My installation work operates as a documentation of ‘visual clutter’. We encounter this clutter on everyday walks through any city. My works juxtapose the organic and artificial and the paradox of simultaneously jarring and harmonious relations. The unnatural colours of the mosaic and satin prints represent the man-made, yet even those remain rooted in the natural textures and shapes of the trees and tree trunks. Working between two and three dimensions, this installation works with digital print and sculpture, creating an immersive experience.

This work addresses issues pertinent to the Anthropocene, in which human activity dominates our planet’s climate. We have created a world which caters for our every want or need and subsequently we turn our backs on the natural world, purely using it for our own ends. This piece has optimism and hope; the bright colours of the man-made appear jovial and work alongside the natural textures. This piece attempts to find some sort of beauty in this collaboration of artificial and organic.

Many thanks to TKF Training and On The Tiles for sponsoring this degree show artwork.

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