Helena Forsyth

Cancer Cells

My artwork features abstraction, using vivid harmonious colours and interacting forms to create engaging paintings with a deeper meaning upon investigation, to advocate messages of awareness in relation to cancer. The subject of my work is cancer cells, with an interest in their division and growth, their destruction on the body and the way they hide, disguised as healthy cells. As the disease affects an increasingly large population with lethal consequences, I aim to increase awareness through images, with a view of the world through painting. The aestheticisation of this life-threatening illness aims to ‘normalise’ discussion and reflection, enabling a narrative of support for sufferers and education about impacts, treatment and ways we can help. An alternative perspective of the body is presented, confronting the viewer with their own mortality. The series presents a narrative and passage of time, as cancer cells grow and are then destroyed through treatment, leaving permanent damage to the body. The interaction between the saturated colours and forms adds a captivating aesthetic element and sense of dynamic movement as they cause illusions in the human visual system.